Seismic Powered Clothing


2016, Yves Béhar - fuseproject

Aura is a revolutionary powered suit that is designed to be easily adoptable and promote daily use for the elderly.

It’s born from Superflex, a spin off startup from a DARPA-funded research at SRI International. The technology was originally designed to enhance soldier's endurance.  Shown here is an educational version of the suit showcased at the new London Design Museum, while a production model will be launched soon.  

The idea is to replace the unpractical exoskeleton following a softer and lighter approach, becoming a discrete undergarment.  It’s an innovative wearable technology that reacts to the body’s natural movements, adding muscle power to naturally complement the user’s strength in getting up, sitting down or staying upright. Powered clothing has the ability to expand and extend our human potential, providing strength and confidence to participate fully and richly in the world.

Team: Yves Béhar, Qin Li, Andrea Locatelli, Brandon Heiman, Alex Farrow

Client: Seismic / Superflex

All images © Fuseproject & Seismic