KIKO Wanderlust


2016, Ross Lovegrove

During my time at Ross Lovegrove I led a packaging program for a rapidly growing cosmetic brand, KIKO Milano. The brief was to have four unique seasonal collections per year across several years, similarly to the fashion industry.
The products needed to be very affordable, with an average positioning of about 12$ and be made in millions. Each collection includes several products such as compacts, mascara, lipsticks, lip oils, nail polish, perfumes, brushes, pencils and so on.  Wanderlust, shown here, was launching just about an year from the brief.  Given the tough challenge and the small size of our team, we quickly focused on designing a system that would allow for modularity, reduction, reuse and recycle. We created computational design tools to craft unique tactile textures that, along with the finishing, would give unique identity to each family. At the same time we ensured cross-collection tooling share, where only fractions of the molds would need to be changed. Having all the collections sharing most sub-assemblies (bottles, inlays, bases) helped us meeting the goals. The collection was very successful and sold out weeks after the launch.


Team: Ross Lovegrove, Andrea Locatelli, Christoph Hermann, Ian Slattery, Gianluca Berruti

Client: KIKO Milano

All images © KIKO Milano