Gufram Softcrete


2014, Ross Lovegrove

Softcrete is a family of modular seats by the Italian brand Gufram, manufacturer of the iconic Pratone and featuring contemporary artists such as Maurizio Cattelan.
The oxymoron Softcrete is meant to contemplate the antithetical properties of hardness and softness. What appears to be a cold hard surface is in fact a special treatment applied to the comfortable Gufluac® polyurethane foam, where a proprietary texture replicates lifelike worn out concrete.

In 2014 I worked on the expansion of the original 2007 collection, now resulting in a family of central elements, corner elements, coffee table and a chaise longue to allow for higher modularity.

Team: Ross Lovegrove, Andrea Locatelli

Client: Gufram srl

All images © Gufram srl